Wondering How Carpet Treatment Is Done?

The Process of Doing the Carpet Cleaning

Due to its ready-made designs, property owners opt to install carpets for their establishment. The downside of carpet flooring is that it accumulates dust and dirt since they are made up of tiny strands of fiber. Regular carpet cleaning service must be done to avoid sickness and diseases. If you are not familiar how carpet cleaning is done, here are its process that you need to keep in mind. A skilled carpet cleaner advises:


A quality carpet cleaning always starts with a proper pre-inspection. Inspect the areas where traces of spilled liquids and stains from food are found. Be sure to mark them and concentrate the cleaning process in these areas. You can find in carpet shops a cleaning product that will suit the type of carpet flooring you have for your establishment.

Pre-Spray & Power Scrub

Once you know which area should the cleaning start, apply the carpet stain remover. Let the carpet absorb the product first before starting the cleaning process. Once it dries up, scrub the carpet flooring using power scrubbers. By this, you get the most efficient and safest cleaning service with the fastest drying time.

Post Inspection

After a thorough cleaning, a post inspection must be done to ensure that the surface is really clean even deep down in its fibers. Try to spot if there are stains that you might have missed out during the cleaning process. If you are not satisfied with the results you got, you can do the carpet cleaning again. But this time, use a lesser amount of stain remover.

These are the process of how carpet cleaning must be done. If you want to leave the carpet cleaning service to a professional, Norfolk Carpet Cleaner is the company in Norfolk, VA that you can trust. To know how they deliver their service, give them a call at (757) 656-5580.