10 Reviews


1. Stephanie Morgan


You really managed to make my carpet look as if it was brand new! I will never look for another carpet cleaner in the area. You guys are the best!

2. Carlos Pratt

Great job!

No other carpet cleaner can do it as good as you people! I don’t know what products you use, but I always love the end result. I will make sure my friends know where to go for their carpet cleaning needs.

3. Ronnie Bass

Outstanding work.

This business has been taking care of my carpet cleaning needs for quite some time now. I always know that I will get excellent results at a fair price. I highly recommend them.

4. Nick Brooks

A loyal client here …

When it comes to carpet cleaning, you need to make sure that the people you hire use the right products and equipment. The guys at Norfolk Majesty Carpet Cleaning / Norfolk Carpet Cleaner are true professionals, and I can count on them anytime!

5. Marvin Cohen

Just what I needed!

I needed some complex cleaning, and I had to find a company that uses a good steam cleaner. Your services and equipment really did the trick. Now I can enjoy my clean home!

6. Judy Padilla

Perfect results!

I want to thank you for the great service you provided us with. I especially love the work you did with your steam cleaner! Our house looks nicer than ever!

7. Julie Burke

Masterfully done!

My sofa was covered with stains, and I needed someone to make it shine again. Your upholstery cleaning professionals really did the trick, and I would like to thank you again for your quality work!

8. Nellie Watson

I’ve been using them for years!

I remember the first time I used your upholstery cleaning services. I had a great party at my place, and the furniture was a total mess. Since then, I’ve always relied on you for my needs. Thank you!

9. Pamela Wong

Better than the rest.

Over the past few years, I tried a number of carpet cleaning service providers and was disappointed by many. You are the only company that stood out for being professional, honest, and friendly. Thank you!

10. Stephen Doyle

Will work with them again!

I rely on Norfolk Majesty Carpet Cleaning / Norfolk Carpet Cleaner for all my carpet cleaning service needs. They have never disappointed me and have always managed to exceed my expectations. Thank you very much!